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  • Adrian Logue

The Feeling of a Place

The 11th at Holstebro just after a brief downpour

"People won't remember you for what you said but for how you made them feel".

It's a popular quote and a succinct way of recalling the hundreds of human relationships we accumulate over a lifetime. Have you considered using it as a way to measure your experience of playing a golf course?

What do you feel when you think back on some of the golf courses you played this year?

Some courses left me exhausted. Some left me with a great feeling of satisfaction. Some courses made me angry. Some courses left me feeling nothing.

Some courses left me smitten. Like ending a first date I wanted to check over my shoulder... is it looking back at me? How long should I wait before I send it a tweet? I want it to know I had a great time. How can I get back there? Will I ever feel that again?

The physical design of a hole or routing and aesthetics of a course are endlessly interesting, but it's the memory of how a place felt that lingers:

Twilight at the Jigger Inn watching golfers' joy as they come down 17 at The Old Course.

Having Elie to ourselves one peaceful afternoon after 2 days of crowded planes and cars.

Discovering Winter Park with a bunch of golf nerds.

An impulsive evening loop at Pymble.

Sneaking onto Hudson Park after it had been shutdown and overgrown for months.

Thinking of my dad on the 6th tee at Royal Melbourne.

For no reason at all just stopping and sitting for 10mins by myself in the farthest corner of Delamere Forest.

Sheltering under a huge tree at Holstebro during a sudden downpour that lasted 2 minutes and left the ground glistening and smelling fresh.

Playing a variety of amazing golf courses is a privilege, and by all means add that signature pencil or bag tag to your collection. I've never been diligent enough to seek out or keep any of that material stuff. My collection is my memories of people, places and experiences and how it all made me feel. It's a priceless collection and uniquely mine.

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